Sunday, August 30, 2015


“I believe in less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and the free enterprise system.”

Here are Gail’s priorities for improving Arizona.

  • Secure Our Borders
  • Protect Jobs & Economic Stability of Our Communities
  • Protect Our Property & Water Rights
  • Improve Academic Achievement by Ensuring Taxpayer Dollars Get to the Classroom for Students & Teachers

Veterans’ Issues

Veterans Legislation, 2012 Legislative Session

SB1058 – Department of Veterans’ services; continuation
Continues the Arizona Department of Veterans Services for ten years, until July 1, 2022

SB1126 – World War II Memorial
Allows for the placement of a WWII memorial in Wesley Bolin Plaza dedicated to the commencement of WWII at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and the surrender by Japan on September 2, 1945. (Secretary of State Ken Bennett is working to place several canons from the USS Missouri, where the Japanese government formally surrendered.)

SB1190 – Tax credit; military family relief
Extends the sunset date of the individual tax credit for donation to the Military Family Relief Fund to 2018.

SB1291 – Veterans’ donations funds; grants
Ensures that monies from the veterans’ donations fund are used for their intended purpose (to help families of veterans) by limiting the Department of Veterans Services’ use of the fund.

SB1405 – Students’ residency; military service
Allows honorably discharged service members who are on active duty or National Guard status to be classified as in-state students for tuition purposes.

HB2020- Honor and remember flag; half staff
Requires the Honor and Remember flag, which commemorates veterans, to be displayed on or in front of the State Capitol building, county court buildings, and city or town halls when the U.S. Flag is flown at half-staff due to the death of a member of the armed forces.

HB2428 – Veteran benefits; reservists
Requires ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) to place a designation of veteran status on the driver licenses of veterans upon their request, making it easier for them to receive services and be recognized as veterans.

HB2602 – Veteran supportive campuses
Requires the Department of Veterans’ Services to maintain a list of verified Arizona Veteran Supportive Campuses on the Department’s website and make a reasonable effort to notify institutions of the opportunity to be certified as an Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus. Also requires each Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus to include the number of graduating veterans from its campus in its report to the Department.

SCM1007 – Urges adoption; veterans remembered flag
Urges Congress to adopt the veterans remembered flag as the official flag of veterans at veterans’ cemeteries.

SCM1008 – Military bases; exemption from ESA
Urges congress to exempt military bases from having to comply with the provisions of the Endangered Species Act to ensure that the military’s training activities are not hampered by wildlife.

SCR1033 – United States Merchant Marine
Honors the United States Merchant Marine